Gilded Age

Frost Suede Leather Gloves 7510S


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GA-7510S Frost Brown Suede Leather Gloves

Conductive Fingertips finished in soft lambskin leather to help with the conductivity. Internal conductive material placed inside front finger tips adopted for phone & pad use without taking the gloves off. 

100% real soft sheepskin suede and smooth touchscreen friendly gloves. The gloves are lined with a luxe 80%wool/20% cashmere blend soft lining, and have a minimal shape thanks to the hidden internal seams. The gloves will feel snug at first, but will stretch slightly until they’ve molded to your hands. Snap closure  top of the glove tab for a more secure wrist fit. Each finger tip applied in lambskin leather has internal conductive material which enables you to type on your phone or pad without taking your gloves off.

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