The Castaway

(SOHO, NEW YORK, April 2023) Inspiration and a mood of our Fall 22 collection is a fresh look at the style of the Blue Bloods. An escape from the norm, still classic in essence. Well informed, well read, and well traveled to all four corners of the world searching for the life’s knowledge and hidden treasures.

Being active isn’t just about playing sports. It’s about playing the field, broadening the circle of friends, returning to reinforce family ties again, establishing new bonds, keeping the old ones, while projecting downtown edge & uptown good life...

Life is good, enjoy it! You are entitled.

Escape from the norm, put a new twist on old favorites. Join the Island regatta, a sailing trip in the open sea lanes of Northeast, spend the nights in the shades of palm trees, and breath in the scent of jasmine in the night air adjacent to the beach. Place a couple of well-timed calls to the office, and spend the afternoons and evenings listening to the bracing clicks of the ice on ice. Harbor is safe, but that’s not why the sails are invented for.

Try to control the wind even though it will laugh at you, Have a proof that there is sunset and a glowing silhouette of dream, Laugh, dream, imagine, smile, Inhale the sharp salty smell of the air, embrace the vastness of the horizons bounded by a vault of azure blue sky above. Mark your footsteps on warm sand, feel your heartbeat leaping into ocean waves. Sea salt imprints on your hands.

Be free! Give every day the chance to become unforgettable. Your soul belongs to Summertime.