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Winslow Corduroy Jacket 4160


4160-CORD - Winslow Flannel Lined 11 Wale Navy Corduroy Jacket

There are people we know who profess alarm that so many wares offered at Gilded Age are inspired by military or work / designer utility fashion. Of course, such carping overlook that ALL clothes are, in fact, uniforms; we wear what we wear to let the people know who we are and what we stand for. Ultimately, everyone bears some accountability for the impressions they create. We think that one wants a simple jacket that wears well, has ample pockets and provides warmth & versatility. If one wants to mistake you for James Dean Winslow, that's their problem.

100% cotton 11 wale soft luxe corduroy shell. 220 grams both sides brushed 100% cotton flannel. 100% polyester lightly padded sleeve lining. Inside garment facing, and inside waistband 100% corduroy shell fabric. Classic Gilded Age denim style jacket with chest patch pockets, and side welted pockets. Classic, spacious front patch pockets with the signature Gilded Age copper rivets reinforcement & 5GG copper metal zipper closure placket. Signature Gilded Age dual zipper & copper shank button closure. Instant classic designed and made with many functional details. Built to last! 

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