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Bronx Bombers Shearling Jacket 4257


4257-B3-"Bronx Bombers" WWII Real Shearling Jacket - Dark Brown

There is island, and then there is Corregidor. There are beaches, and then there is Omaha. There are flight jackets, then there is The B-3. That's "The" with a  capital "T" as in The Original. The same jacket for which the "Bronx Bombers" become famous for. This is it!! A direct descendent of high flyers of yesteryears. Any resemblance is absolutely not coincidence. The same aged curl piled merino shearling meant to keep you warm even at 25000 feet, the same leather seam tapes, the same chunky collars to keep the winds out, the same government approved bronze brown color...It's all here, adopted for 2022 and you to test our ultimate winter accessory!

100% soft real curled pile aged Turkish shearling made. B2 WWII replica. Authentic shearling taped seams throughout jacket. The jacket has exposed 8gg matte black metal center front closure zipper, and 5gg exposed pockets and sleeve cuffs metal zipper, outlined and reinforced with the leather tape and double needle. Extremely warm and comfortable autumn / winter all weather jacket. The shell shearling has longer curled antiqued curled pile and is slightly buffed on the face to produce slightly worn authentic and aged look. Under collar and back waistband fastening tabs with signature Gilded Age horn button closure. Designed and made to replicate original WWII B2 jacket bombers, this jacket with its overall look presents itself as an ultimate winter accessory. 

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