Gilded Age

Morrison Hand Painted 1025


1025-ART - Morrison Jean Oil On Canvas Hand Painted

Custom oil painted art on cut and sewn/washed jean. Any wash, any denim color could be painted upon the request. Oil paint, once dried can not be washed off the jean. Denim could fade, and paint could slightly lighten up over time, but the art will not be washed in any laundry cycle. Dry cleaning is not recommended. Just as the artist paints on framed canvas, we at Gilded Age like to paint our jeans. Almost every season based on the inspiration of the collection, creative director paints one unique jean to accentuate the season. This Fall we have painted our musician jean. 

Custom painted upon request upon order in any size available. Any wash, any color, any size in stock!  It just takes 2 extra weeks to paint+ and paint to dry + to be fixed to the jean. 

Painted on Morrison fit jean. 

For more information on the process, colors, fabric, paint colors, please email us  at

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