Gilded Age

Prince of Wales Scarf 7150

Dhs. 370

GA-7150- Prince of Wales Soft Wool Merino Scarf 

When the wild wind blows, snuggle your head into what feels like softest cashmere like merino wool scarf. Pull it up over your nose and ears, and stay safe from the elements. Soft, breathable, and above all cozy. Soothes, never scratches. Distinctive, versatile - warm as a fresh morning bagel. You won't need the face mask with the scarf like this by your side. 

70" long x 10" wide extra fine super soft 100% merino wool woven scarf. 150 grams weight. 2 3/4" long tussles on each end. Classic camel herringbone texture  fine 100% wool merino scarf pattern color combo. Ideal for a cold winter casual or more formal outings. Wide enough and long enough scarf to have couple of loops around the neck.

One size only: 70" x 10"

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