Windmills of Your Mind

SOHO - NEW YORK Fall 2020, In the past few months, as we were designing the Fall 2020 collection, a few pivotal events unfolded in the world which have literally sent us on a wild road trip to escape the pandemic, but also to philosophically reassess what is the meaning of simplicity, unity, faith in humanity, and the sturdy individualism for which America is known for.

This trip has ultimately transcended us to the thoughts of greats such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, and others who believed that the society and its institutions have corrupted the purity of the individual, and that the best expression of human spirit is when the individual is truly "self-reliant" and independent. The founders of Transcendentalism, as a distinctly American expression, have taught us that the grind of ordinary life and society are seen as barriers between the self and the spirit. Thus, Nature presents a way to free the mind of its typical distractions.

Thoreau reminded everyone that life is wasted pursuing wealth and following social customs. In the time of sudden change and the appearance of pandemic out of blue, a lot of it is left for re-assessing. Nature can only show that "all good things are wild and free." Thoreau “went to the woods” because he wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if he could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when he came to die, discover that he had not lived.

We believe that all individuals are naturally good and that everyone's potential is limitless. With the Fall 2020 collection we took a look into ourselves, our world, into nature, and into art and imagination, in order to help answer some of the most perplexing questions of these days. It was a glance at the philosophy of Transcendentalism that inspired us to create another uniquely American casual luxury collection that embodies Gilded Age thought and a relaxed individual lifestyle.

Fall 2020 embodies Gilded Age luxury casual style and showcases the rich and textured collection of layers as well as our style. The air of ease, lightness and warmth permeate the collection. In denim, Gilded Age introduces a variety of medium and dark selvage and non-selvage denim washes. The medium vintage washes, stretch worked grays, and dark tones of indigo, alongside washed and worked indigo and blue gray shade selvages form the core of the denim expression. All denim will be offered in our best-selling 1025 Morrison fits and 1011 Baxten Fit, in addition to the introduction of our new 11” rise wide leg “Houston” wide leg and Carpenter fit jean.

The pinnacle of the Fall 2020 collection offering is our ultimate premium edition of soft and luxe 7 GG cashmere/ merino wool blends sweaters in textured jacquard, arran and jersey stitch. These chunky 7 gg cashmere blend Fairisle specimens compare to some of the best that Gilded Age and the market have produced.

The unique Gilded Age application of interesting and luxury fabrics has been taken to another level with the use of light and soft woven stretch twills, worked chambrays and fine double-face autumnal checks, stripes and plaids. For Fall 2020, Gilded Age is re-introducing a range of pile fleece and waxed canvas padded outerwear, which have been a staple of Gilded Age casual luxury expression for the past 15 years since the founding of the brand. The assortment is completed by our signature range of wool lined and padded real leather, in a super soft finish that could be worn all the way through the coldest days of winter. Whether it is a Field barn leather jacket, a Navy style Deck jacket, or a super luxe sueded denim style wool herringbone padded jacket, we are committed to equip you for the coldest days and longest nights of this fall/ winter season.

Founded in Spring 2005 in Soho, New York, Gilded Age is a casual luxury brand deeply committed to sustainable, handcrafted, and artisanal approaches to fabric and product/fashion. The brand is inspired by the early Industrial Revolution, arts, poetry, culture and craftsmanship of old New York and the Northeast Coast. What a great first 15 years has it been!!! For all our successes and pursuing of our dreams, we have to thank yourself and our loyal customers that have enjoyed and appreciated our style and our creations. Thank you!