Living & Giving

SOHO - NEW YORK Fall 2021, In the past season we have explored the post-pandemic need to get away and travel, to leave the gadgets behind and venture in the outside world… To take a trip somewhere, to care as much about the journey as the destination. In the search for our Fall 2021 source of inspiration, we are returning back to New York City. We are returning back to the city living, and depicting a cultural rising tide and the essence of the casual relaxed lifestyle in the post pandemic world. It’s so great to see the streets of our cities teaming up with life once again. What a difference a year makes?

Elwyn Brooks White, one of the most influential modern American essayists, once wrote that New York City makes up for its hazards and its deficiencies by supplying massive dose of the sense of belonging to something unique, cosmopolitan, mighty and unparalleled. From the time Henry Hudson steered his triple-masted ship toward the New World (400 years ago), the streets and sounds of this city have been changing, and the constant metamorphoses continues even today, only a year after its streets were deserted.

This fall, when you stumble onto a streetscape going pink and pale in a downward slant of autumn sun and people rushing toward whatever the evening promises, you will be reminded why this town is the place where all those utterly implausible dreams, the tales of happiness, good fortune and creation happen. This place bestows so much on those that step on its turf, and those that traverse its streets receive all the benefits of this magical place - live it and never forget it.

Inspiration for our Fall 2021 collection was drawn by exploring the rebellious, restless, and adoptive nature of a Manhattanites, their raw and youthful defiance and yearning for the new horizons... their quest for their own identity and a place in an increasingly changing world. We are defining the man who doesn’t let the noise of others drown out his inner voice, the men that has the courage to follow his own heart and intuition in creating his own world. The man that is an inspiration for others.

This collection unites the Gilded Age philosophy and aesthetic embedded in luxury casual style, with a more complex association of style and expression. In a language of a symbolist poet, Fall 2021 is indeed the collection of the 'sleeplessness of desire; it lacks nothing: neither the fever of ideas, nor the violence of colors, nor dark and distant reasoning, nor shadowy mystery, nor even the gaiety of suffering.' The colors of the night permeate throughout the collection, which are highlighted by the shades of dark grays, deep indigos, blacks, slate blues - juxtaposed with pops of warmer dark browns, amber and wine color reds. In denim, Gilded Age introduces a variety of dark stretch denim shades, such as black, gothic marble gray, raw dark blue selvage, and old blue authentic vintage washes. A range of over-dyed pants in the night shades of gray, slate blue, dry wine, black, and metal gray complete the collection.

The pinnacle of the Fall 2021 offering in denim is our Annuit Coeptis Collection of ultra high end luxury Japanese denim, representing Gilded Age’s take on some of the most iconic American authentic vintage styles. The ultimate in luxury denim, Annuit Coeptis is handmade and handcrafted in western Japan from the finest Japanese denim cloth woven out of Zimbabwean cotton, natural indigo, and organic cotton.

Gilded Age's unique use of interesting and luxury fabrics is taken a notch up with the use of air thin gauzy double layer woven shirts, soft dark chambray twills and plaids, and raw black denim chambrays. To address the trend of relaxation, Gilded Age is introducing the range of indigo terry knitted outerwear and sweatshirts. A luxury chunky sweater has been associated with Gilded Age for a while now. This season we are topping ourselves by introducing new and the ultimate chunky Donegal wool blend padded Charles sweaters jacket. In outerwear, key items will include a range of soft-lightly padded, wool melton-lined black denim jackets, and a signature Gilded Age leather-lined & unlined jackets. The assortment is completed by the signature Gilded Age suede leather jackets, cashmere-lined leather touchscreen enabled gloves, and the softest merino wool woven scarves.

Founded in Spring 2005 in Soho, New York, Gilded Age is a casual luxury brand deeply committed to sustainable, handcrafted, and artisanal approaches to fabric and product/fashion. The brand is inspired by the early Industrial Revolution, arts, poetry, culture and craftsmanship of old New York and the Northeast Coast. For all our successes and pursuing of our dreams, we have to thank yourself, and our loyal customers that have enjoyed and appreciated our style and our creations. Thank you!