Down to Earth

SOHO - NEW YORK Spring 2021, Now that technology has made it possible for us to be at home, feel at home, & work at home, it takes great conscious effort to gain new experience, to leave the gadgets and venture in the outside world… To travel, to take a trip somewhere, to care as much about the journey as the destination; to sojourn in order to experience another way of life, to be fascinated, not discomforted, by the unfamiliar.

The new golden age of travel is about to begin once again. Grab a canvas backpack, slip on something soft onto spring sun-touched skin…preferably something indigo or white, certainly something cotton… and feel the dizzy, delicious sensation of freedom again after a long cold winter. Fetch a rain jacket in case it rains, unlined leather jacket if the evenings embrace the ocean’s cool winds. Pair of Gilded Age jeans a must!

We can never have enough of travel, never enough of new places, the natural diversity… We seek to be refreshed by the sights of inexhaustible vigor, vast and titanic features of Mother Earth, the monumental places built by the folks worlds over.

We are inspired by the golden coast with the finest sands, the wilderness with its living, with the menacing spring thunder-clouds, and the abundant rain showers which quickly surrender to ethereal, warm sun.

We need to leave comfort of our home to witness our own limits transgressed, and experience the life pasturing freely where we never wander.

Gilded Age Spring 2021 collection may be what Plato had in mind when he thought Clothing. It’s a classic! But it’s not just the form, inspiration, colors… It’s the quality, and content I like; 100% slubby indigo jersey and terry, softly washed woven… a perfect jean means really comfortable – it feels like an old friend the first time you put it on. These are traveler’s clothes; versatile enough you only need the right few to cover your road. These are the writer’s cloths- good for thought since you don’t have to think about it. It’s a worker, and an executive at home jean, a shirt, a Henley… You can wash it in a cold or hot water or take it to the beach. You can’t deconstruct it! This jean is all soul!! These clothes are built to last.

Since our early beginnings in 2005 we’ve asked our clients:” Don’t tell us how to make it cheaper, tell us how to make it better.” The result is more then 15 years of testing, playing with fabrics and stitches, built back into our clothing.

So…whether your first outing in months out of self-isolation brings you to the abandoned city where you lived, the next county, or a state, or the next continent, you can count on Gilded Age casual luxury cloths to be a helpful and a trusted companion.

Founded in Spring 2005 in Soho, New York, Gilded Age is a casual luxury brand deeply committed to sustainable, handcrafted, and artisanal approaches to fabric and product/fashion. The brand is inspired by the early Industrial Revolution, arts, poetry, culture and craftsmanship of old New York and the Northeast Coast. What a great first 15 years has it been!!! For all our successes and pursuing of our dreams, we have to thank yourself, and our loyal customers that have enjoyed and appreciated our style and our creations. Thank you!